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Sweet Grilled Corn with Miso Butter

Sweet Grilled Corn with Miso Butter

Fire up the grill and grill up some tasty Sweet Corn and serve with a spread of our delicious, umami-flavored Miso Master Miso Butter!

Grilling Sweet Corn

  1. Pull back husks and remove corn silk. Fold husks back up around corn.
  2. Place corn in husks on grill and cook about 15-20 minutes, turning every 5 minutes to cook corn evenly.
  3. Remove from grill, remove husks and brush lightly with Miso Master Organic Miso Butter while still hot. YUM

Organic Miso Butter 

  1. Cream the Miso Master Miso of your choice together with the unsalted butter of your choice.
  2. Brush on grilled sweet corn. Store leftover miso butter in refrigerator and use within 1 week.


* We chose MELT USDA Organic Rich & Creamy Butter Made From Plants for our test recipe because the Palm Oil is Non-GMO and Rainforest Alliance, and Fair Trade USA Certified. Their palm fruit oil is sourced from Columbia, ensuring the palm fruit used is not linked to the destruction of rain forests, the release of greenhouse gases, displacement of native people, or the extinction of "beautiful Orangutans or Sumatran Tigers."

Soak silk-cleaned husks of corn in cold water for about 10 minutes before grilling. This will fill some of the husks with water that will steam the corn during grilling OR remove husks completely and cook sweet corn directly on grill.

Add some of your favorite flavorings to spice up your Grilled Sweet Corn with Miso Master Organic Miso Butter:

  1. Chopped Parsley
  2. Cilantro
  3. Chives
  4. Garlic Powder
  5. Black Pepper
  6. Cayenne
  7. Chili Powder

SERVING IDEAS: Add Cut Grilled Miso Master Miso Buttered Corn from the cob and toss into fresh garden or pasta salads.



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