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Organic Pinto Beans

$ 6.73 USD

Eden Organic Dried Pinto Beans are family grown organically in the USA. All-purpose, rosy, pink bean with a sweet, appealing taste and creamy texture. Pinto beans are the most widely grown and most popular bean in America. Beige with splashes of a rose pink when dry, pintos turn a pale rose color when cooked. The word pinto means ‘painted’ in Spanish. The artist Jackson Pollock called them little painted canvases. Pinto beans are interchangeable with black turtle beans in Mexican cuisine, both are widely used and enormously popular in soups and stews. Pintos are featured in the Italian pasta and bean soup, Pasta Fagioli.

Packed in one of the most environmentally friendly packages there is, organic Eden Dry Pinto Beans come in 1 lb. boxes of recycled and recyclable paperboard. 

16 oz 

Ingredients: Organic Pinto Beans