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Organic Kidney Beans

$ 9.73 USD

Eden Organic Dark Red Dry Kidney Beans are organically USA grown. They have a rich, appealing taste and large amounts of antioxidant carotenoids that make up their deep color. They are protein rich and are the chili bean. A good soup bean because kidney beans have thicker skin, and they hold up very well in soup and stew. Kidney beans and more than 500 beans related to it, including pinto, navy, and great northern, black, are known as ‘common beans’ because they came from a common bean ancestor. Common beans, squash, and corn were called the ‘Three Sisters’ by Native Americans; companion plants that were central in Native American cultures.

Packed in one of the most environmentally friendly packages there is, organic Eden Dark Red Dry Kidney Beans come in 1 lb. boxes of recycled and recyclable paperboard.

16 oz 

Ingredients: Organic Dark Red Kidney Beans