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Organic Green Lentils

$ 6.73 USD

Eden Organic Dried Green Lentils are organically grown in mineral rich, vital North Dakota soil. Green lentils Lens culinaris are round lens-shaped legumes, not beans. They are a tad larger than French and other lentils and hold their shape well when cooked. These lentils, sometimes called pulse, are a staple around the world, especially in Middle Eastern and Indian cuisine. They are quick cooking, versatile, very nourishing, and require no soaking before cooking. Ideal for soup, stew, pâté, curry, and salad, taken with whole grain they provide complete protein.

Packed in one of the most environmentally friendly packages there is, organic Eden Green Lentils come in a 1 lb. boxes of recycled and recyclable material.

16 oz 

Ingredients: Organic Green Lentils