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Farm to Table Strainer, 5" Stainless Steel

$ 13.39 USD

Don't get strained in the kitchen. Equip yourself with tools that make those everyday tasks a breeze. A true cooking essential, our Strainer features a fine stainless steel mesh with a long looped handle and resting ring that's designed to fit over pots and bowls for easy use. This 5-inch sieve is great for quickly rinsing fruits, veggies, herbs, beans, and other grains. Also ideal for straining broth, gravy, sauces, pasta, jams, jellies, purees, tea, and more! Also, use to sift flour or powdered sugar over your baked goods and desserts. Simply pop in the dishwasher for effortless cleanup. Use for home canning, healthy homemade baby food, and stock making! Dimension: 5 x 5