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Eden Mu 16 Tea

$ 9.95 USD

Recipe by George Ohsawa of sixteen herbs. Purpose blended to tone and strengthen. One tea bag makes a large pot. You will experience the vegetable kingdom's power. Strong, amazing taste. Mu Tea and Apple Juice is great! Six tea bags in a reclosable standing pouch. Not appropriate for the very young. 6 teapot bags, makes 6 large pots.


Ingredients: Mandarin Orange Peel, Hoelen, Japanese Parsley Root, Peony Root, Atractylis Root, Cinnamon, Angelica Root, Licorice, Ginger Root, Cyperus Root, Apricot Kernel, Rehmannia Root, Panax Ginseng Root, Clove, Coptis Root, Moutan Root.