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Mitoku Yukki Mugwort Mochi

$ 14.46 USD

Mitoku Yukki Mochi with Mugwort is a delicious whole-grain specialty food. The hearty flavor and unique, chewy texture of Mochi made it a natural favorite in Japan. Made from cooked, hot sweet rice pounded with fresh mugwort into chewy cakes. Mochi takes enormous energy to make and it has the reputation for being an invigorating food. Mochi maker, Kojima-san has worked with rice all his life. Bake in the oven until soft, wrap with Emerable Cove Sushi Nori and dip in tamari-ginger dip. 

6 Mochi Cakes / 10.5 oz

Ingredients: yuuki-grown whole-grain sweet brown rice and Japanese yuuki-grown mugwort (yomogi) herb.