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HAIKU Organic Japanese Kukicha Twig Tea

$ 17.40 USD

Available to purchase by the 3 or 6 boxes - Each box has 16 teabags. 

Nagata Organic Japanese Kukicha Twig Tea is a long-time customer favorite. A delicious, delicate tea made from select tea bush twigs and stems that are steam dried and matured for three years. The aged twigs are roasted and combined with a small number of roasted tea leaves. Mild, soothing alkaline tea that is low in caffeine and can be enjoyed any time of day. Each Haiku compostable teabag is filled with two full grams of 100% Japanese Organic Kukicha Tea. 

SAVE on 6 Pack Special 

Ingredients: Organic Japanese tea (Camellia sinensis) twigs, stems, and leaves