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Cellophane Bags

$ 8.95 USD

These eco-friendly storage bags are 100% biodegradable cellophane. Use for packed sandwiches and snacks for work or hiking, cookies... They feature an excellent flavor and aroma barrier. Complies with FDA regulations for food packaging, heat-sealable 1.2 mil cellophane preserves freshness, while strong, fold-over bottoms protect your product.  
SIZE: 6.75" x 9" 
  • Made from clear, 100% compostable cellophane, a cellulose product derived from wood fibers taken from only sustained forests
  • The bags cause nearly zero environmental impact
  • Meets ASTM D6400 & EN13432 standards for California & other states
  • Meets FDA Food requirements for direct food contact
  • Offer moderate moisture barriers
  • Excellent Oxygen and aroma barriers
  • In a home composting environment, will typically break down in just a few weeks
  • Heat Sealable
  • 1.2 mil Biodegradable cellophane