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U.S.A. Bakeware Material

Construction Of 360 USA Bakeware

The U.S.A. Stainless Steel Bakeware has a .07 gauge of thickness, which is designed with T-304 surgical grade stainless steel on the interior and exterior. This surrounds a heat-conducting aluminum core. These layers are bonded together to ensure your food never comes into contact with soft metals such as aluminum, non-stick coatings or other potentially-hazardous elements.

Chemical-Free Cooking
Do you know why our stainless steel cookware pans do not stick? We use a dry sanding process on all of our products that give them a non-porous surface. No more chemical coatings! Our cookware and bakeware is always PFAS, PFOS, PFOA and PTFE FREE. This process allows for easy cleanup, too.