Our family started Natural Lifestyle Mail-order Market in 1989 offering home delivery of natural and organic foods, healthy cookware, non-toxic home and body care products, organic clothes, books videos and of course organic teas.

Natural Lifestyle Mail-Order Market was inspired by our belief and personal experience that living a natural lifestyle contributed to good health and a healthier home planet!
Our family personally tests every product we offer and we use just about every product we offer! We have been enjoying living a natural, organic lifestyle for over 37 years.

Our first priority is to choose organic products when available. And we will not carry any foods or herbal preparations that contain processed cane sugar or genetically engineered ingredients.

We have been a “green” company from the start from using recycled paper for our printed catalogs and in our office. Orders are packed using recycled boxes and natural recyclable and or compostable packing materials.

We love to hear from our customers! Thank-you for shopping with Natural Lifestyle